Class 1 - Spring term 2 2020

Class One Spring Term 2

Welcome to the second half of the Spring Term, where our mini adventure will be based around Journeys. 
We will be exploring Spring, New Life the Easter story and much more.  Please see the mind maps attached to find out more information of curriculum coverage and expectation.

Hatching Chicks

We have been learning about the life cycle of a chick and what a better way to learn then to have a hands on approach to learning! We looked at the eggs before they went onto the incubator and talked about what we thought would happen and made some fantastic predictions about how many chicks would hatch and how many days it would take! We talked about what an amazing world we live in and how magical those little eggs are!

(Unfortunately we could not see the process through to the end this time, but please be reassured that the eggs are safe and well and the chicks, once hatched, will live a long and happy life laying eggs at Mrs Bolton’s farm. We will give the children regular updates on how the chicks are doing!)

World Book Day
World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind! The children dressed up as their favourite book character and enjoyed talking about their characters with their friends. They also enjoyed a whole school parade in the hall.  Many thanks to our class one parents and grandparents who generously gave up their time to come and be a secret reader to the class. We were spoilt with how many of you joined in! Thank you

World Language Day
We enjoyed celebrating International Mother Language Day which helped us to develop an awareness of language and cultural diversity all across the world. Our children really did us proud by dressing up in either the traditional dress of a country of their choice or they chose the colours of the flag of a chosen country. 
We found different countries on maps, spoke in different languages and learnt a new greeting song, which we performed for our parents. We tasted food from different countries and learnt new customs and cultures through a variety of arts and crafts.  Again thanks to the parents who came to support us on this fantastic day.

Nursery & Reception Stay and Play Parental Session
Many Thanks to Nursery and Reception families who spent the morning with us for our stay and play session.  We were very impressed how focused the children were and how many of them achieved a rainbow challenge in such a short time!
We hope that you found this session useful to see what we are focusing on and learning in class and also to give you ideas how you can support with your child’s leaning at home.
We are very proud of our partnership working closely with parents and this was a great example of this…we had a fabulous turn out.
Thank you to everyone who came along.

Our Nursery children have been exploring numbers to 10, spotting them in our environment, counting out objects in play and saying how many they have altogether.  I wonder what numbers you can recognise when you are out and about?
Reception children have been working hard counting carefully to measure length and height using non-standard units, they have been using cubes, pencils, books to measure how long something is.  They rose to the rainbow challenge of order three objects according to different criteria, for example shortest to longest!
Year One children have also been using and understanding the language of length such as long, longer, short, shorter, tall, taller. They recognised that this language changes depending on what type of length they are describing and comparing. The Children then built on their prior knowledge of measuring length and height using non-standard units and then applied this to measuring using a ruler. We talked about how objects can vary in length and size, so a standard unit of measurement is required. We practised measuring accurately with a ruler measuring from the 0 cm mark. 

Year One and Year 2 children have been learning about Great Explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.  The children learned about why these explorer’s adventures made them famous and the contributions they made to the world.  The children discussed the criteria for what makes a person and we looked at the historical chronology by comparing the historical periods in which these great explorers lived.
The children experienced sorting, analysing, role play, songs and writing tasks to encourage the children to fully understand the historical concepts in this unit.

We have been thinking about colour mixing in Class One, experimenting with primary colours to see what new colours we can make.  In Year One we thought about how to make different shades of a colour, making it lighter or darker.  We talked about what colours represented a hot or a cold colour. We then created art works with the colours we had mixed.  We talked about one of our favourite artists Wassily Kandinsky and replicated his concentric circles using the colours mixed independently.  Our aim was to develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space in the context of making a painting from a range of colours, tints and shades. We then put our new acquired skills to use on a whole class project and made spring flowers which were inspired by Kandinsky.  I wonder if you like our window display?

Year One Cricket Roadshow   -   Matthew Senior from Northumberland Cricket Board visited our school to deliver a coaching session, which the year one children loved! They learnt new skills and had the opportunity to work in small teams to try out their cricket skills.
Matthew also shared what All Stars Cricket entails and all children received an invitation to try out All Stars Cricket Clubs for themselves.