Lego Club Spring 2 - 2020

LEGO club - Spring Term 2 - 2020

The children have enjoyed a range of fun, engineering activities in

LEGO Club this half term. 

Magical Mazes

The children were challenged to create a maze for a marble using the LEGO.  They were encouraged to let their imaginations run riot!  The final results really demonstrated the children’s creativity with dead ends and interesting obstacles to manoeuvre the marble through.  This was a very popular activity in LEGO club.

The Drop Test

The children had to combine exactly 20 LEGO bricks together so that when dropped from a defined height they did not break apart.  At times this involved changing the design of their LEGO several times!  Once the children were successful, and their design withstood the drop, we raised the drop line to see how the design held up!  The children discovered that larger, flatter builds withstood the drop the easiest.  It was lots of fun and the children were desperate to see how high we could raise the drop line!

Musical Monsters

This challenge involved the children combining their ideas to create an elaborate monster. We began by starting to build a monster of our own while music played in the background. When the music stopped, everyone passed their monster to the left. Once the music started again, the children added on to a fellow LEGO club member’s design. At the end every monster was unique because of the combination of ideas.  It was fun for the children to see how the monster they started building looked at the end of the activity.


This was a lovely activity because the children worked well collaboratively to create their LEGO town. There were streets, houses, shops, a lighthouse and a harbour. The children shared ideas and resources, discussed where to position the creations they made for the town and complimented each other on their work.

Paper Bag Challenge

In this challenge several handfuls of LEGO were put into a paper bag for each LEGO club member and the children had to build inside the bag WITHOUT looking inside.  It was a blind build and a lot of fun, though the temptation to peek inside the bag was too much for some!