Remembrance Autumn Term (1) 2019

A stunning floral tribute created from handcrafted poppies has formed the centrepiece of Tritlington School’s Remembrance Day.

Here at Tritlington First School pupils have really enjoyed creating a fantastic remembrance garden to mark Remembrance Day.  The children made handmade poppies using a range of different media to put on display, which was viewed by families in the school playground.

As well as the poppies, the school have been thinking about those who served, or are serving in conflict.

It is part of the school’s curriculum of promoting values of liberty and respect, British history and British values.

“It is a fitting reminder for young children about the need for peace in our world” Said a parent.

“It is fantastic to see the younger generation being involved in our history and understanding where we have come from.” – Parental Quote

Here is what the children had to say about the poppies they created…

“My Great Grandad was in the war, he was lucky and lived, it is really important to remember all of the brave soldiers.” – Pupil Quote

“The brave soldiers fought for us, we remember them.” –Pupil Quote