Art: Curriculum Posts

Art Club
A great start to art club this half term! Tonight the children learnt about different types of penguin and chose different media to create their own masterpieces. 
Penguin Awareness Day 20th January raises awareness about penguin habits and habitats. The day also aims to bring international focus on the conservation of penguin habitats.
Well done everyone ! 
Queen's Platinum Jubilee Inspired Art Exhibition
Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee through art.
The children loved sharing their art work with Parents and Grandparents at the Art Exhibition held in school.  
It was wonderful to see so many children proudly sharing their royal tributes to the Queen with family members. 
We were overcome with such positive responses from Parents and Grandparents and wanted to thank you all for taking the time to come to the exhibition.
We are extremely proud of our budding artists... letting their individual lights shine!
'I just wanted to express my admiration of the work displayed. As a teacher of art for twenty years at a comprehensive school, I was amazed to see such wonderful pieces...the observational details in the pencil drawings was phenomenal. All your students should be very proud of themselves , as should the staff because this exhibition demonstrated what motivated, inspired and encouraged children can achieve.
Thank you for taking the time to display this work and inviting us to view it.
A wonderful experience to hear the children talk about their work in such a passionate way.' - Parental Feedback from Mrs Morris 
Local Artist and Illustrator Visit 
Egyptian Death Masks 
Year 1 and 2 enjoyed working with local artist and illustrator, Frances Thompson. Frances showed the children examples of her work and shared how she created them. Then she guided the class in how to make their own Christmas bauble. Thank you, Frances, for sharing your expertise with our pupils today - they loved it!
Class 2 have been creating death masks in art.  The children took inspiration from Tutankhamun's death mask when designing their own. They created their masks by covering a balloon with paper mache, cutting it in half and attaching a cardboard headdress.   The children then used paper mache for the nose before painting Egyptian makeup onto their masks. They used gold, silver or bronze paint as the masks would have been made from precious metals in Egyptian times. Finally they added gems to make them even more authentic.