DT: Curriculum Posts

Wheels and Axles
Year 1 & Year 2 children have been enjoying their Design and Technology Lessons this term, investigating and exploring a variety of different vehicles before taking on the fun task of designing, making and evaluating their own 'moving vehicle'.

They have learnt all about wheels, axles and chassis and how they are combined to make the framework of the vehicle, as well as how to create an eye-catching body.
The children all really enjoyed making their vehicles, and are very proud of their final product. 

Please browse the moving vehicles photograph gallery, to fully appreciate how hard the children have been working.

Mechanical Systems -
Engineer Visit
The children in Class1 and 2 were visited by an engineer called Steve from Karcher. He brought a range of moving vehicles into school for the children to observe and explore the different mechanical systems. This really brought our topic to life for the children as they were able to apply their subject specific vocabulary into a real life context. Steve developed our knowledge by showing us how a lever, pivot and linkage works on his cleaning vehicles. It was fantastic for the children to understand the role of an engineer and what's involved in his job too! 
We can't wait to begin making our own mechanical systems over the next few weeks.
Structures - 
Shell Structures 
Year 3 and 4 were set the challenge of designing and creating packaging to contain biscuits or chocolates. In the first few weeks of the topic, the children investigated a collection of different shell structures including packaging.  They took various packaging apart, identifying and discussing the parts of a net, including tabs.  
The children practised constructing nets, joining flat faces with masking tape and assembling these in different ways.  The next stage was learning about different ways to stiffen and strengthen shell structures by using the techniques of folding and shaping, corrugating, ribbing and laminating.  
Then the children discussed and explored the graphics that could be used to achieve the desired appearance of their products. 
With all of this information, they designed their packaging using a design brief, discussing the uses and purposes of their shell structures.  The children  evaluated their final product against the intended purpose and with the intended user, drawing on previously agreed design criteria.
Food Technology Workshops with Fun Little Foodies
We were delighted to have a visit  from Fun Little Foodies. They talked to us about how to stay safe and healthy when cooking and taught us a range of skills. We had a great afternoon with lots of new experiences as well as trying some different foods. 
Textiles Artist Visitor
To support our Design and Technology work in school we have had a wonderful visit today from Becci Jobson who is a textile artist.  She shared some of her work with the children, showing them her book of experiments filled with exciting ways to explore and use textiles.  The children loved Becci's numerous projects made using recycled materials, including crisp packets and a Greggs bag! 
Thank you very much, we truly feel inspired and ready to start out textiles project!
Electrical systems -
The children were set a challenge of designing and creating a battery operated torch with a working electrical circuit that contained a switch.
In the first few weeks of the topic, the children explored different uses for torches, for example, exploring caves, guiding a person around obstacles in the dark.  Using their knowledge of how circuits work from their science learning, the children worked on designing their own electrical circuits and explored different types of switches. With this information, they designed their own torch using a design brief to identify the target audience for their torch.
Then they created and added their electrical circuits into their torches.  They thoroughly enjoyed making and painting them and demonstrated good resilience when the electrical circuits weren't working the way they originally hoped.
Free-standing Structures -
Year 1 children worked hard to make paper stiff and sturdy to create freestanding structures. They carried out focused practical tasks to practise and develop new skills.
Mechanisms -
Levers and Sliders 
Making our own stories using Sliders and Levers 
Our first step of making our story was to first investigate what a slider and a lever is. We used our classroom environment to help us to distinguish the difference between the two. We then had a close look at books using sliders and levers and discussed how it made the story more interesting and fun to read!

The children made their moving story independently looking closely at their original design. We then evaluated our stories and discussed what we liked and what we would change if we were to make it again in order to improve our end product. 
Food - 
Fruit Salads
In DT Year One designed and made their own fruit salads. The children thought about how they could improve their fruit salads next time but they thoroughly enjoyed eating them!