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Whole Class Violin Lessons 

At Tritlington our pupils engage in whole class high quality lessons delivered by a specialist music teacher from Music Partnership North.  The children are currently learning how to play the violin, building towards a concert for parents at the end of the summer term.

1-1 Music Tuition 
Would you like to learn a musical instrument?
We offer small group tuition from peripatetic music teachers from Music Partnership North in guitar, violin or keyboard. 
Class 2 Violin Concert
"I am so impressed with the children playing at the concert today. All of the children played really well. I can't believe they have come on so much this year.  It was wonderful to come and see them all perform." - Parental Quote
"WOW! Super impressed that children have learned so many songs in a short space of time!" 
- Parental Quote 
"I loved learning to play the violin this year, I have asked my Mam to buy me one so I can play at home!" - Class 2 child 
" The concert brought tears to my eyes, I was moved how engaged and talented the young children were, thank you so much for allowing us to experience this with you." - Parental quote