Northumberland Zoo School Trip November 2021



The whole school enjoyed a day at Northumberland Zoo.  This was the first of three educational visits in our project “A Journey Through Time”, which has been jointly planned between the school and Tritlington Friends, our school PTA. 

The purpose of the project is to give the children an understanding of the heritage of Northumberland and in particular their local area.  There are three elements to the project: farming and rural life, mining and industry and the history of town life.  The project will culminate in an exhibition in school where the children’s experiences and learning will be showcased to our school community.

At Northumberland Zoo the children visited the Tractor Shed where Mr Stephen Hogg, a local farmer with a wealth of experience, shared his knowledge of farming through the years. He was able to explain to the children how the various machinery on exhibition was used by farmers in the past, how the industry has changed and how farms work now. He shared with the children what it is like to be a farmer, including the favourite parts of his job.  

There is a wide selection of tractors on show at the Zoo and the children were very interested to learn about them.  They even got on board to try out the driving seat, perhaps in the future some of our children will go on to be farmers.

We also had time in the day to have a tour of the zoo to learn about the range of animals there and participate in several workshops with the resident zookeepers.