RE: Curriculum Posts

Diwali Parental Workshop
What a wonderful afternoon we had as a school community, learning all about Diwali.
The children created a range of Rangoli patterns, tasted traditional Indian food, participated in a Diwali dance and crafted diva lamps.
Thank you so much to all of the parents, carers and grandparents for your participation and engagement, it made it all the more fun!
Lifepath Event - Brinkburn Priory
Year 4 enjoyed their visit to Brinkburn Priory for their Lifepath event. The event is organised by The Mustard Tree Trust, Scripture Union and representatives from local churches working in partnership. The children explored the Christian faith by finding out about the life of St Oswald and his Lifepath. They learned about how he prayed to ensure that God was with him and how returned to rescue his beloved Northumbria from a reckless ruler. At the same time, the children were challenged to think about their own path through life, with an emphasis on their own spiritual development. It was an exciting day of discovery and fun for Year 4. They enjoyed learning through drama, storytelling and creative arts workshops such as Scriptorium and felt making.
Christingle Service 
Tritlington children made Christingles to learn about Advent and celebrate the run up to Christmas. The children learnt about what each part of the Christingle represents and enjoyed selecting sweets for the festive decoration. In the Christian tradition, the Christingle representing the earth and Jesus as the light of the world. The four cocktail sticks with sweets and fruit illustrate God's gifts and the four seasons.
We held our Christingle service in the afternoon and the children proudly held their own Christingles during the service and everyone sang together. It was wonderful to be together, in classes, enjoying this important celebration.
Iskon Hindu Temple 
Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic visit to Iskon Hindu Temple this morning.
We found out lots of new facts about what it means to be a Hindu and how they celebrate Diwali. Look at the amazing outfits we got to try on! The children listened to music and took part in a Diwali drumming workshop. The behaviour from our children was outstanding.
Well done! 
Harvest Festival at Hebron Barn 
Harvest in the Barn with Hebron Church
It was fantastic to see some of our families join us at Hebron for Harvest in the Barn. There was a live band which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, followed by an amazing lunch to celebrate the harvest. We are very fortunate to have such a close link with our local parish church.
Harvest Festival in School 
The children enjoyed being part of our annual Harvest Festival.  The children have worked hard, learning songs and poems and writing prayers to share, giving thanks for all of the wonderful Harvest produce.
What an amazing contribution to the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank, thank you to all for such a wonderful collection. This is such an important charity, which helps to relieve the consequences of poverty or financial hardship by providing food to those who need it most. Thank you to our amazing school community.