Tritlington Friends


Parent Teacher Association - Tritlington Friends 
There is a Parent Teacher Association, called Tritlington Friends, of which you will automatically become a member when your child starts school.
The PTA organises many successful events during the year to raise vital funds for the school.
If you wish to volunteer your services on the Committee, you will be gladly welcomed. We hope that you will support your child and the school by being an active member.
Have a look below at some of our recent successful events we have held to raise funds for the school:
Tritlington Friends worked extremely hard alongside local company Sincera to make our dream become a reality and have our very own orchard at Tritlington School. 
The orchard will be a great asset to our curriculum and we are looking forward to harvesting produce in the near future. We feel very lucky to have our own orchard.
Many thanks to Tritlington Friends for all of their hard work planning and organising our Christmas Fair.  It was lovely to see so many families and happy children with a Christmas glint in their eyes!
What a wonderful school community we are part of!