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Protect our Environment !

The children in class two have shown a real interest in the environment, the challenges it faces and what we can do to help protect it. 

One of the children has been doing a lot of reading about the environment and decided she would like to DO something instead of just reading about it. 

So, she thought about some of the things that are presenting challenges to our environment and asked her peers in Year 4 to design and make posters highlighting the problem.  The children pinned up their posters in the street or village where they live to encourage everyone to do their bit.  

The posters were sent to David Attenborough to show him that the future of our planet is in safe hands. 


David Attenborough actually wrote back to the children at Tritlington School and shared his delight that we were being proactive and encouraged us to keep doing so. 

Working together we can all make a difference.